How to Stay Safe When Using a Hired Skip Bin

If you have been carrying out renovation work on your home, you may be thinking about hiring a skip bin in order to deal with the waste and garbage which has been produced. While using a hired skip bin may seem straight forward, it is important that you understand the risks associated with using a skip bin and the steps you can take to avoid any danger. Below is a guide which will help you stay safe when using your hired skip bin to remove waste. 

Leave the skip bin in one location

When you rent a skip bin, it will be delivered by a team of professional contractors using specialist equipment. Before removing the skip bin from the back of the truck, the contractors will check exactly where you want the bin placing. Once the bin is in place, you should never attempt to move it to a new location. Skip bins are extremely heavy. If you attempt to push or pull a skip bin and it tips over, you place yourself at risk of serious injury or even death. If you wish to have the skip bin relocated, you should contact the skip hire company who will perform the job on your behalf. 

Fill the skip bin evenly

When throwing waste into the skip bin, you should try to ensure that it is being spread evenly within the skip bin. If waste builds up on one side of the skip bin, it could cause it to become unstable and tip over without warning. This is particularly important if you are using smaller and lighter plastic skip bins.

Only use professional ramp equipment

Filling a skip bin by hand can be a time-consuming task. To speed things up, you may wish to use a wheelbarrow to transport the waste. If you have decided to take this course of action, you may need a ramp in order to get the wheelbarrow in a position where you can tip the waste into the skip bin. You shouldn't attempt to construct a homemade ramp using pieces of wood or other material. Doing so can be very dangerous. Instead, you should ask the skip hire company to supply you with professional ramp equipment which can be securely clamped in place.

If you would further advice and information about how to safely operate a skip bin, you should contact a skip bin hire company.